I’m Amanda. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a queer, poly, kinky woman. Oh, and I’m blind. Can’t see a thing. No light, no shadow, no nothing.

Here, you’ll find sex toy reviews, stories about my dating and relationship trials and tribulations, and maybe a few amusing anecdotes about my guide dog. Because dogs make everything better.

My guide dog, a yellow lab, standing in a sunbeam. She is wearing her working gear (a brown leather harness and leash) and has a dopey grin on her face.
Happy Guide Dog

I also talk a lot about accessibility. I’ve tried to decipher the tiny buttons on a vibrator with lube-covered fingers. I’ve taken a strap-on harness out of the package, only to be befuddled by all the buckles, and then encounter only a video tutorial on how it works. I’ve struggled to insert a menstrual cup, only to find pictures of the different folds when I ran to the internet for help. I’ve gone on Tinder, hoping that I match with someone who at least wrote something in their profile, only to find that the app is barely usable. I’ve done all these things and more, and I’ll chronicle these stories on this blog.

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